Workflow with TextPack (zipped TextBundle) on iPadOS?

I’m using MindNode on iPadOS to map a hierarchy from a textbook. I like a fixed mind-map with all the colors and images while studying something new because it isn’t constantly moving and morphing (losing spacial learning context).

The mind-map’s nodes have notes within them. I want these notes in Obsidian after I have gained all use from their fixed place in a static mind map. Additionally, those same notes now in Obsidian can become flashcards in Anki (a little off topic).

MindNode on iPadOS will output a TextPack (a zipped up TextBundle from what I can tell). If I can’t switch to MacOS to unzip it, I need to import the TextPack into a bridge app (Ulysses) that will import TextPack and can output TextBundle which has the MD file.

Is there a way to avoid extra steps when Obsidian comes to iOS? For example, I would like to save the TextPack in the file system, then simply open it in Obsidian. Is there an app that will “unzip” the TextPack into a TextBundle in the file system? Maybe I’m missing an Obsidian Plugin to achieve opening TextPack?

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