Workflow to Search/Filter/Query Backlinks with Aliases

Hi, before the properties update, I used to be able to search something like “[[Abraham Lincoln]]” which would not include just “Abraham Lincoln” text in other files, but only generate the backlink results. But now with the properties update I can’t do this anymore (not sure why).

Any thoughts on how to search/filter/query backlinks, but not include the same unlinked text?

Also, does it work with Aliases? So would it also find the [[Lincoln]] backlink if I had that setup as an alias under Abraham Lincoln?

For the record, I love the properties update. Thanks Obsidian team!

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I had made the misguided decision in recent years to have embedded queries for MOCs. For example [[point of view]] OR [[pov]].

Backlinks appeared to answer this but… backlinks does not show those occurrences where I’ve used the alias reference.

Yes, I could linter or regex my way thru or, simply, enclose the links in double quotes. Life is not much more than a series of work arounds and cleanups.

With properties I have been using and really liking Dataview lately.

However… with Dataview in transition to Datacore, this maybe a repeat of my core search misguidance. What to do…

Despite these issues, the recent cleanup of past meta data carnage is resulting in a nice vault. I just hope design and development effort is NOT favoring atomic notes. I do not believe most people (myself included) think and act atomically.

Maybe we’re missing something with regard to the use of core search in finding links and backlinks with regard to aliases.

FWIW - there is a feature request for adding a Search operator for Links. Search Operators for LINKS (backlinks, forwardlinks) - #23 by charleshan

I swear this worked until recently. I wrote a plugin over the summer (but haven’t published it yet) that implemented this behavior and it worked in testing, circa this July.

The backlinks pane being tied to the CURRENT page rules out its usefulness for a lot of search needs.

After thinking about this… aliases are now properties, not links so my search criteria works if I use the syntax [aliases:pov].

A few gotcha’s - I used to use alias in the yaml section, had to pluralize them:)

Given bookmarks, I am now removing my embedded moc queries and replacing them with saved bookmarks. And ya know … I believe I like this method better.

I’d be willing to bet they will fix the backlinks issue with aliases very soon.

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