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I have a workflow where I setup my day with meetings - and then create a separate note for each meeting.

What I would like is a way to automate the workflow. Ideally I would type in the name of a meeting, execute a function, then have a new note, with a template, created on the RIGHT and a link to that newly create page on the LEFT just under the meeting name.

I am thinking put my cursor on the meeting name, or highlight the meeting name, then everything is automated after that.

In addition - I would like to be able to click on a meeting link on the LEFT and have it REPLACE whatever file is on the RIGHT, or if I am not in split screen then split the screen and open the meeting note. Create a real link between the two panes.

Not sure how feasible it is. It resembles what I am seeing in the app - sort of.

I am not completely sure what you want to achieve that can’t already be done - could you be more precise?

As far as I can see, every step of your proposed workflow can easily be achieved by obsidian, and there are a couple of plugins to further facilitate the single steps (QuickAdd, Templater, etc.) - or did I misunderstand something? If so, could you point us in the right direction?

You just have to pin the left pane, then after clicking a link, either a new right pane will appear or the old right pane will be replaced with the new one.

If you want the workflow to activate when you click something, you can use an inline button with the header that runs a quickadd template command (you can append the link, and you can open it on the right)

I love you all - thank you - I will try these suggestions. I’ve been using Obsidian for quite some time but not keeping track of the changes or the new plugins.

I am VERY MUCH enjoying the new wysiwyg functionality available to me. Just wow.

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You can read the weekly obsidian roundup if you want to keep track of everything easily.

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