Workflow ideas for collaborative meeting notes (Fellow app?)

My company uses the collaborative notes app, Fellow for real time notes during meetings. It’s hit or miss how consistently meetings use them, but specific workflows I use weekly in Fellow are:

  • Preparing for 1:1s
  • Preparing for bigger meetings
  • Assigning/being assigned tasks during a meeting

Fellow doesn’t appear to have a public API which limits what I can do with Obsidian. Copy/paste between the two is pretty miserable too, as the formatting all breaks and I have to spend too long cleaning it up.

I’m curious if anyone else has developed any good workflows for these collaborative notes platforms and how you integrate.

I’m also interested in this from another: I use zettelkasten-like methods to teach high school students philosophical writing. I’ve been using notion on a single shared account because Obsidian (via a shared onedrive folder) had too many sync issues.