Workflow Help: Assembling and maintaining documents from atomic notes

Hi Folks,

I’m just after some help and advice on using Obsidian to assemble, maintain, and usefully export larger documents made up of smaller atomic notes.

I have lots of notes, ideas, and notes, which are linked and maintain in obsidian. I love it for that! My workflow troubles come when I have to create a new document from these notes and thoughts. It all gets out of hand pretty quickly, and I feel like I spend a lot of time on a final document that really should be quicker to assemble.

Things I have tried

At first I thought there would be an easy way embedding other notes in a new note, and have them editable from within the master note. This proves quite cumbersome and tricky. And these notes also contain references and links within them that I have to manually remove later when exporting the master document, as they are in the main body/flow of the document.

So then I tried the copy and paste method, but this just means I have to maintain content in more than one place, and things get out of sync.

Often the master document then becomes a new referenced note, assembled into further documents, so this issue compounds itself.

What I’m trying to do

So I guess what I’m interested I hearing from others is how they deal with:

  1. Assembling master documents from other notes in a low friction, maintainable way.
  2. Exporting these master documents with minimum extra work and formatting e.g. to an email, google doc, for post.

Any help, advice, or insights into your own methods would be appreciated!

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