Workflow from Apple Books to Obsidian for Highlighted Passages

Hey, I do most of my reading on my iPad in Apple Books. I’m looking for suggestions on the optimal way to move this from my iPad into Obsidian. Would the best way be to go from Apple Books to Apple Notes to Obsidian? I ask that because I know that there’s a post out there talking about importing from Apple Notes to Obsidian.

Any other comments about getting stuff from disparate sources (e.g. web pages, podcasts, etc. into Obsidian would also be appreciated!


I’m also keen to hear suggestions on this topic.

Check out Readwise.

Highlights is an app that allows you to export your annotations in markdown format. That’s the only thing I can think of.

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Thanks for the suggestions so far.

I also had Readwise suggested on another forum and it looks very interesting as I have a lot of books in both iBooks and Kindle .

Going to check it out

On macOS, you can directly copy your annotations.

Open your annotations in the book, expand all chapters, click the first note and shift click the last note, right click and chose copy (works in Big Sur), or use Mail (this works in Mojave).

Now you can paste them into Obsidian.

On iOS (tested in 14.1), you can open your notes, touch the share icon, chose “Edit notes”, “select all”, and mail them to you. (This includes some formatting, though.)

Hope this helps!

KLib app is straight forward for getting annotations out. And free if you only use it for iBooks/ Apple Books. Supports Markdown