Workaround for slash in note title

I’m starting to use Obsidian more for notes related to topics I’m learning, one of which is networking, specifically TCP/IP. However, there appears to be a limitation in which you cannot include a slash in a note title. I’ve changed a couple notes relating to “TCP/IP” to TCP-IP, however, then backlinks don’t work. Since the protocol has a slash and not a dash, I’m wondering if there is a workaround or escape character I can use to keep the original syntax so all my links will show up correctly. If not, the only other thought I have is to tag related notes with a TCP/IP hashtag, but would prefer to avoid the extra step if possible.

Thanks for any thoughts,

I don’t think this is specific to Obsidian, because TCP/ looks like a file called in a folder called TCP. I’m not sure of better solutions, but I would use a “-” in the filename, and set up a TCP/IP alias on that page.

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Thanks for the suggestion, wasn’t aware of that feature. Found the topic in Obsidian Help and will try setting it up.

No worries. I’m going through similar thing with notes with weird names - wanting the filename to match the h1 title of the note (sometimes impossible), as well as being able to link to it nicely from another note. Aliases are working well but need a bit of keeping on top of, for me at least, so I suppose there’s a trade off.

Edit, maybe this feature request about automatically updating renamed aliases is kinda related