Workaround for lack of backlink context and improvement for sidebar tabs

If I have:

  1. My pane(s) is pinned
  2. I have a tab in the sidebar (this of course cannot be pinned)
  3. See attached screenshot

When I am reviewing my linked/unlinked mentions from the backlink view and I select an entry, it should NOT create a new pane NOR should it change the backlink view to the newly selected note. Instead, the tab in my sidebar should be updated and the backlink view should still be on the note that is pinned.

This seems intuitive to me in the way that pinned tabs should work in the event that
This would be a workaround or potential solution for the request to full transclude backlinks:

I understand that the new features of Open Backlinks and linking panes should be able to create this use case above, but it is buggy (see separate topic here: Open Backlink, Pin, and Linked Panes inconsistent).


The more I think about this and use Obsidian (I’ve been using it for 12+hours everyday for the past 2 months!), the more I think that this should be the default layout so that the user is not required to create an extra pane, drag it to the sidebar, and toggle the appropriate pin.

See my updated information here:

Did you find a workaround?
I can get the backlinked note title using dataview, but without additional context it is of limited use. The context only shows on the right sidebar. I am trying to find a way to add it to the body of the note.