Open Backlink, Pin, and Linked Panes inconsistent

Steps to reproduce

  1. I pin a note (“competence”)
  2. I manually use the Open Backlink feature for that particular note
  3. I ensure that the two panes are linked together
  4. I create a new pane (NOT pinned) (“2016. Concluding Remarks. Uro”)
  5. I click on one of the linked or unlinked mentioned of #1

Expected result

  1. The pinned note should stay and not be updated (“competence”)
  2. The linked backlink view should stay on the pinned note
  3. The new pane that is unpinned should be updated (“2016. Concluding Remarks. Uro”)

Actual result

  1. The pinned note is updated
  2. The linked backlink view is also updated
  3. The new pane that is unpinned is not updated
  4. Note, the above does not occur all the time. I can’t quite figure out why it fails. Sometimes the first click works as expected, and the subsequent ones don’t. Maybe it has something to do with linked versus unlinked mentions.


  • Operating system: OSX
  • Obsidian version:0.7.3
  • Using custom CSS:yes

Additional information

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This is not a “bug”. At the moment, the backlink pane is tied on purpose to its generating note. You can ctrl-click to open in a new pane.

We may change some of these behaviours in the future when we have a better idea on how people use Obsidian and/or what is the best workflow.

Please, keep in mind that the best workflow for you is not the best workflow for everybody.

Thank you for looking into this. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the pin feature, but shouldn’t the pinned note stay on that note? Are there any circumstances where this a pinned note should be updated?

I agree it’s a bug – pinned panes and their linked panes should be “locked”, and when all panes are locked the new note should open in a third pane.

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I face the same problem. Ironically, its quite random and it does not occur all the time.

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In 0.7.5, we will have that pinning a pane will pin ALL the panes that are linked to it. This will solve this and other inconsistencies.

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