Words / lines of text are randomly deleting soon after typing

What I’m trying to do:

Work consistently with all changes saved in real time.
I’ve noticed that recent work in notes and canvases will randomly disappear - usually within a few minutes of typing / editing. It’s like the content reverts back to some previously saved state. It happens intermittently across all notes, formatting styles, etc. I haven’t found any reproducible trigger. Sometimes I witness the content actually disappear, other times I find out later when reviewing my notes.

  • typed text deletes - a few words or lines at a time
  • cards just added to canvas disappear

Things I have tried:

  • uninstalling plugins - n/a, none installed - only using base app.
  • looking through forum / bug reports - have not found anything relevant yet.
  • reproduce in sandbox - unable to reproduce so far, so can’t submit as a bug.
  • update app (Mac desktop) - seems current.
  • check icloud storage - plenty.
  • could icloud sync delay be a problem?


  • Vault contains 17 notes, 2 canvases.
  • Longest note is <1200 words.
  • Vault is in iCloud.
  • Using Mac desktop app on Intel Macbook Air, OS Ventura.

Any help is appreciated!

Additional info — when this happened today, I saw a notification pop up briefly. It was too quick to screenshot but said something to the effect of “external changes were found and merged”. Effectively undoing recent changes.
Does this ring a bell to anyone?

Just to check: your vault is in iCloud Drive/Obsidian/VAULT like this, right? (three vaults are pictured here)


In System Settings > AppleID > iCloud, is Optimize mac storage toggled on or off? If it’s on, I’d set it to OFF.

Yes, it is toggled On so I’ll turn it off and see if that fixes it. Thanks so much for the response!

Oh yes. Nothing to do with iCloud or even Obsidian Sync.

OK! So what’s happening here with it ON is that iCloud is trying to be helpful :weary: and (maybe) removing files from your local computer to optimize space. Obsidian needs all the files/folders in a vault to be local all the time. Let’s hope turning it off sorts things out.

Unfortunately, this issue is still happening despite turning that particular iCloud setting off. I wonder if I should try moving the Vault out of iCloud completely … although it would be a bummer to lose the backup feature and multi-device access.

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