Wordcloud plugin

I am not sure if this needs to be a core feature, but having a Wordcloud view of all the documents (or per document) could be quite cool! I am trying to use Obsidian for research work and writing can get quite repetitive if not mindful. This can help with that.


I would second this, similar to say RedNotebook. Clicking on the word could activate a search for that word. This would help note-takers see the common themes in their work and help develop ideas.

I think it might even be worth it to considering implementing this as part of core Obsidian since it fits in with Obsidian’s philosophy extremely well.

Also, in case someone needs this feature right now, you can achieve it by indexing your Vault(s) in DEVONthink, which offers a feature called Concordance. There’s a Word Cloud view and you can click a word to initiate a search, among other things. It’s pretty sweet.


I just can’t believe we don’t have this yet!! My 0.02 on the plugin:

Option to limit word cloud based only on links inside the current document (whatever child md counts)

Option to exclude words (so we can fine tune word count consistency)

The feature to see a word cloud would help A LOT on understanding common concepts between related documents and whatever one uses obsidian for. A must have plugin, maybe as other suggest here, part of core obsidian, since it already counts document words, but I guess a plugin can do the job just fine!!

In case you don’t know yet, the Obsidian Charts View plugin can do word cloud :smiley:

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This Plugin allows you to select sections of a web page and generate a word cloud visualization of the words in those sections.