Word prediction incompatible with macOS Accessibility Keyboard

For some reason, when using certain web based editors (including Obsidian, Slack, and Discord), the macOS Accessibility Keyboard completely stops offering word prediction, leaving me to click one letter at a time, with no completion support.

I suspect it has to do something with contenteditable because the problem doesn’t occur in regular inputs.

This is most likely a limitation introduced at some point in the tech stack.
Out of curiosity, does this work in source mode?
does it work here in chrome?

Hey, OP of that Mastodon post (and user of the Accessibility Keyboard). You’re right @WhiteNoise, word prediction fails in that CodeMirror demo in Chrome. Weirdly, it works fine in Firefox.

I am not sure this depends on codemirror but you can definitely try to search/open a BR about this here https://github.com/codemirror/dev/issues. Tell the codemirror dev that it works in FF and not in Chrome. He is expert in this field.

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I think I’ve narrowed this all the way down to Chromium itself. When typing inside of a plain contenteditable div, Accessibility Keyboard word prediction works until the content gets to about 200 characters—then it craps out completely.

Just out of curiosity, is there a web version of Obsidian that I could access from a different browser rather than an Electron app?

no, sorry.