Word Counts for Headings

Since I am using Obs as a writing tool, it would be great to have a plugin that counted the words in the paragraphs that followed a heading, like an outlining tool with incremental word count.

Dos something like this exist? Or is it easily makable (and how would I learn how to make it??)

The closest thing I know of is the Better Word Count plugin, which can count the words in a selection. To more easily count the words in a section, try folding the heading so you can select it and the ellipsis that appears after it (this definitely selects the whole section for purposes of cut and copy; I’ve never tried it for Better Word Count).

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Better Word Count is the solution for sure, but it actually solves @JRER’s problem more directly than that.

That’s because Better Word Count has a Display word count for sections feature, which you can enable. So rather than relying on the selection count feature, you can enable the section count. This will add a word count next to each heading in a note.