Word count progress bar that updates automatically?

I’ve been searching around and what I have found indicates to me that this might be feasible, but I am not strong with code. The concept is as follows:

A plugin that counts the words of a note or notes in a specific folder, compares that number to one set by the user, and shows the relationship as a percentage and a progress bar.

Example: Say I want to write a story that is 10000 words long. What I have written already is spread out over three notes in a folder, and each note has, respectively, 1000, 2000, and 3000 words. This hypothetical plugin would check the folder, do the math, calculate that I have written 60% of my goal of 10000 words, and display it as a progress bar on a separate note, e.g. a home note, dashboard, that kind of thing.

From what my searches have found, you can make progress bars quite simply with Dataview but must input the values manually, and there is at least one plugin that counts words in folders, so it seems like this functionality is not impossible to achieve, but has not yet been done. Would anyone else be interested in something like this?