Wonky selection highlight on bullet points

When I highlight a selection of text with bullet points, the space right after the bullet point gets highlighted a brighter color. This is really throwing me off and I can’t figure out how to fix it. Does anyone know how to remove this or is this a bug?

This behavior happens on the default and Minimal themes.

Obsidian Version 1.1.9 on macOS Ventura 13.0.1 on a M2 Macbook AIr (2022)

What I’m trying to do

Select a block of text and have it highlight normally/uniformly.

Things I have tried

Playing around with custom CSS for highlights but that didn’t work.

Example image:

It’s most likely a snippet or plugin causing it if you’ve checked in the default theme. (You’re on the right track with CSS - but you want to cut away pieces) Turn on/off custom snippets (if you have any) to see if it’s something there.

I’d try in restricted mode (no community plugins). Turn on restricted mode and restart Obsidian. If fine, then it’s a plugin causing it and you’ll need to track down which one. Divide-and-conquer can help if you have a lot.

I feel like I’ve seen that exact behavior before in my vault but can’t remember what was causing it… :face_in_clouds:

edit: (in Live Preview) If selecting text with the keyboard only (shift+↓), it looks fine, but if selecting with the mouse I see this for a brief moment before I release my finger from the left mouse button. The selected text with bullets then looks fine for me.

I tried on restricted mode and the same behavior happened, indicating that this isn’t an issue originating from a plugin.

Interestingly enough, I also did not get the extra highlight behavior when I select text with my keyboard only (shift + up/down arrow). The extra highlight only appears when I select bullet point text with a mouse.

Does anyone know how to remove this issue?

It looks like this is caused by selecting both the bullet point and the text node when the selection color has transparency (the gap between the bullet and text is effectively double-selected). For me, this only persists until I let go of the mouse, at which point the bullet point becomes text (i.e., a literal Markdown -) and there’s no longer a double selection. Is that the same behaviour you’re seeing?

@geoffb , yes, that is the behavior I am getting. I tested and it looks like the issue doesn’t happen with a non-transparent color, like you mentioned. However, the text is not legible if you’re using a non-transparent color. I’m not sure how to fix the problem while using transparent colors.

I don’t see this behavior in the Obsidian v0.15.9 or v1.0.3 Sandbox.
I do see it in v1.1.8 and on.

You could fill out a bug report (with template), but I’m guessing this will be considered a minor Live Preview bug/quirk as it doesn’t persist after releasing the mouse button. It doesn’t bother me as I only see it momentarily with mouse text selection (which I use less than keyboard selection), but you focused in on it enough to take the time and make a forum post. Might be others out there.

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