Wondering if there are any plugins/features that do the following

Hello, I’m very new to Obsidian (0 day old) and was wondering if there are ways to accomplish the following:

  1. Synonyms/Aliases - For example [[apple]] and [[Apple]] and [[apples]] all leading to the same page, and can be referenced in a different page by any of the names above.
  2. WYSIWYG support - or something of the like which allows me to see bold instead of **bold** when not actively editing that line.
  3. Some kind of web-clipper that allows me to import things on the fly either on mobile browser or Chrome, etc. Or some kind of integration with Pocket/Todoist/etc.
  4. Some kind of integration with Evernote/Zotero/referencing software.

Also is there a noob-friendly guide on how to create customised templates, for example for Daily Notes, a generated page that creates a link to date-1, date+1 pages?

Thank you!

  1. Add aliases to note helps?
  2. there are rumors
  3. some people use MarkDownload, a chrome extension. I’m not even really using Obsidian yet (don’t love Markdown) but would just use a different system (evernote? joplin? ticktick?) for initial capture.

I don’t know of an automated alias generator, that would be nice though.

Wysiwyg editor is coming up.

Markdownload is a great web clipper on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, but we don’t seem to have a good mobile clipper yet.

I don’t use Zotero currently but there’s dozens of threads here on Zotero workflows to get citations and notes into Obsidian.

For daily notes I just use the daily note plugin with the automated date insertion and template.


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