Wish list for Zettelkasten for a working writer

So I’m fairly new to Obsidian, been a Ulysses user for over a million words, and like the idea of moving my zillions of words out of the U3 proprietary format. I also see the power of the Luhman method but don’t know of a tool that really fits the usage scenario I need to replace my usual chaotic ADHD thinking.

So these are scranarios. I think a lot of the function here is very similar to existing features/feature requests, but hard to put them together into a fluent workflow.

I’ve actually written this with a first and probably primitive notion of the “split lines” that are part of the request.

|- 202104131341 Wish list for ZK|1

I’m on a roll capturing a chain of ideas. I want to

  • start a new zettel with a hotkey
  • enter a heading and tags (maybe a template)
  • have a key combination that creates a new zettel with
    • the same tags as this
    • “title|n” 1-up, other separator characters find
    • an automatic link to the previous card.

|- 202104131341 Wish list for ZK|2

I’m writing a longer piece. I want to:

  • highlight part of the text
  • create a new zettel with the highlighted text as the body
  • return to my original note at point
  • have the zettel link in the clipboard so I can optionally insert a link into my document
    (similar to https://forum.obsidian.md/t/extract-note-refactor/733)

|- 202104131341 Wish list for ZK|3

I’m writing a longer piece. I want to:

  • Insert a “split line” with a zettelkasten ID but not split the file yet.
  • post-process the file creating new zettel notes by breaking the line into zettel on the split lines and moving the zettles to the zettelkasten folder

(See [Document Spanning] as well.)

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+1 for FR no. 3

For no. 2 it reminds me of the Extract Highlights Plugin though I’m not sure if it’s what your looking for.

The one I linked in the note?

The plugin mentioned in the thread from the link is Note Refactor plugin which I’m not sure if you’ve tried but may be closer to your no. 2 than the Extract Highlights plugin I linked above.