Wipe Obsidian clean to restart

Is there a way to clear out everything I have done? I have watched unknown number of videos on getting started and none are working properly (at least they are now following along with the process in video). I imagine it is operator malfunction.
Went I delete Obsidian and reload the start up file I keep seeing my messed up folders.

The exact steps differ between OS, but the concept is the same. Just delete the entire folder that holds your vault. Then, just create a new vault.

If you want to keep your files, but delete the obsidian vault, just delete the “hidden” .obsidian directory that is in your Vault folder, and then Create it a new within Obsidian.

For example. If my vault is located in my directory ~/Notes (and I’m on LInux) I can do this from the terminal (or from a GUI file explorer of course).

rm -rf ~/Notes    # This will delete my vault and all files in it.
rm -rf ~/Notes/.obsidian #This will delete my Obsidian vault, but leave my markdown files alone.

What egauthier said. To put it in slightly different words, I would either delete the existing files (if you don’t need them at all), or move them somewhere else. From the computer system’s file management (e.g. Windows’ File Manager), not from Obsidian.

The easiest way is to delete the .obsidian settings folder. This folder contains all the information about your vault.

Another easy way is to pick a different folder that is not inside your existing vault, nor does it contain your existing vault. It is the same process of creating a vault upon first launching Obsidian.

If you want to keep using the same vault name, you can rename the existing and then create a folder with the preferred name.