[Windows] Opening Folder in Explorer?

Is there a markdown I can use to open a folder in explorer from Obsidian?
The path there does not have an .MD file by default.
I would like that I can make a ‘link’ in obsidian, to a folder in Windows. So I can quickly get to the settings folder for a program, etc.
I have tried using System Variables too, but no luck.

Is there something I can do? Mod? Change?

Thanks so much for your help :man_bowing:

See html - Open a direct file on the hard drive from firefox (file:///) - Stack Overflow

It suggest something like the following:


Since this is a folder outside of Obsidian, I reckon that either Explorer or possibly the web browser will open it as an external link. Worth a shot anyways…

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You can use something like this:
[any text here](<file:///C:/Users/Username/Desktop/My Folder>)

Make sure to wrap the path like that in <>, you will then not have to worry about spaces in folder and file names.


Thanks to both of you!! This does indeed work perfect for direct paths. I appreciate the help!

I would love to be able to use system variables somehow, but I suppose that is outside the scope of the main question I posted. I’ll mark it as answered. Thanks

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