Windows download is broken?

When I try to download Obsidian using Chrome on a Windows 11 laptop, all it downloads is a plain file named “fd4b9d13-13d5-439a-9579-70a98e024869”.

What I’m trying to do

Download the Windows build of Obsidian.

Things I have tried

  • Clicking on the big “Download for Windows” button.
  • Explicitly clicking on the Windows “Standard (64-bit)” download link.

Ok… just to see I renamed the file to “obsidian.exe” and ran it (after scanning for viruses), and it installed and ran. It seems the file download link is broken for some reason.

What browser did you download it with?

I’ve seen this pop up a few times in the last few days. Some folks used a different browser. One said this worked for them (they were in Poland):

run winget install obsidian.obsidian in a terminal
which will install from window’s package manager.

For others that run into this you could try the one of above, change your DNS, or try a different network.

I am using Chrome. I didn’t try anything else, but it turns out renaming the file to an exe “fixed” it.

It is still broken - Here we get the message that this topic ihas been solved I hardly think so II think most people would give up . It seems very sloppy program control

This is a community support forum. If you have some trouble, include your own details, and answer the questions that ariehen asked above.

If you don’t provide more details, we’re no further ahead to understanding what’s going on.

As another data point, I just downloaded Obsidian from the download link using Edge on Windows 11, and it downloaded to “Obsidian.1.4.16.exe” in my Downloads folder. It installed normally.

Well I faced the same issue earlier today on both Firefox and Edge. Looks like an issue on GitHub’s side. The content-disposition header appears to be missing. Strangely it only occurred for this one file for me.