Windows 10 Obsidian App can't connect to Remote Vault (paid)

What I’m trying to do

Trying to connect to remote vault from Obsidian desktop client on a Windows 10 Enterprise device. This is my work computer. I can successfully access the vault from my iPhone and my Windows 11 device.

Things I have tried

  1. Community plugins are turned off.
  2. I’ve uninstalled/re-installed.
  3. Made sure nothing on my device was blocking Obsidian.
  4. Added Obsidian as an approved application in Windows Firewall for both Public and Private networks (just in case).
  5. Checked Windows Defender Firewall (should be the same but you never know) to confirm that obsidian traffic was listed as approved (it was).
  6. Checked subscription status to make sure I was valid (I am).
  7. Checked my other clients to make sure I was still syncing (I am).

Screenshots and things

Any help is greatly appreciated. It’s frustrating having to swap back and forth to my phone or personal computer to take a quick note of something I want to have for later. The cognitive switching is a bit annoying.

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Do you have an IT department at your work? They might be blocking the servers/ports/protocols that Obsidian needs to sync. Have a chat with them just in case.

edit: I see from your username you ARE the sysadmin… In that case you probably know what to do.

Funny story, that department is me! Lol. Sorry, I should have specified. As far as I can tell from all our current endpoint configurations, we aren’t blocking anything. That said, is there a reference somewhere on what obsidian absolutely requires to function?

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