Windows 10 Download Problem?

What I’m trying to do

Okay so I’m attempting to download Obsidian 1.4.13 on a Windows 11 HP.
It will not open and run the program. I keep getting the Windows App Page saying “App not approved.”

Things I have tried

I’ve attempted to update my app settings; this is not available for my laptop that I can find.
I’ve gone through the Obsidian Help page looking for anything stating that Windows 10 doesn’t run the program.
I’ve also searched the Forum here and can’t find anything relating to this.

The title of the question says windows 10. I use it mostly on that myself and never had an issue with downloding or running it. I’ve never used windows 11, sorry. On a mac i get this sort of thing sometimes and have to go into the security settings to enable third party apps. Maybe there is something similar with windows 11?

If you are the Admin user with full permissions, it should be fine. This isn’t a work controlled device or anything, is it?

Just a guess, but it could be your anti-virus software is being overly aggressive?

If you are downloading from, it will be safe. I’d try to whitelist the homepage and/or Obsidian.exe in whatever anti-virus software you are using.

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