Win-desktop app doesn't work after iCloud sync

Hello everyone.
Please help me to make desktop app work correctly. :pray:

My setup:

  • Obsidian Win64 Desktop + Obsidian iOS (via iCloud).
  • Installed plugins: Admonition and Sliding panes.
  • Vault size: A couple of notes (I’m a beginner).

Main issue:
The application does not work on desktop. Obsidian runs for quite a long time, showing different popups in the upper right corner. I can see the contents of my storage in File Explorer, but most functions of creating and editing notes are not available to me.

My observations:

  • Obsidian Desktop runs for quite a long time, within a few minutes. After the launch shows the message:

  • When indexing ends I still can’t edit or create notes, but I can see them in File Explorer.

  • I noticed that in File Explorer 3 copies of my yesterday’s note appeared, and I still can’t review the contents of them (or delete it, or change etc).

  • Then after many minutes a message appears like: «File operation is time out.»

  • And after that app showed this:

  • I also noticed that the obsidian label was replaced with an empty one, as if the program had been deleted.

What I was trying to do:

  • Reboot device;
  • Reinstall app.

But the issues remained the same.

Need to say that at the same time I can work with my iCloud vault in the iOS app as properly as I did on desktop yesterday. So what am I doing wrong on desktop?

Good news! Desktop app started work correctly after delete special signs from name my yesterday note. Seems like “«»” can broke all system, awesome. Anyway now It works, so I can continue. Thank you very much forum!^^

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