Will the mobile apps be paid?

Hey there. I have been using for the past couple of days and in love with it.

I’m looking forward to Obsidian’s official mobile apps.

A quick query. But before that, just wanted to let you know that I surely appreciate the effort of the devs.

In several such cases where mobile apps come later, I see that they are bundled under either paid / premium plan.

So, wanted to understand dev’s plans here. Will Obsidian’s official mobile apps be free or will they be paid?


It was mentioned before in the forum as well as somewhere in the FAQs that the app will be free to use and the charges will only be for the sync or publish. If you can have a way to sync your files, you wont be asked to pay anything.

I am also interested in knowing if this stance of obsidian devs remains unaltered. :sweat_smile:


bumping the thread! Mods, please help.


Bumping! I would also like to know this!

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It will be free with a local folder, but you’ll need to figure out how to get it synced with Dropbox etc.


Obsidian for me is not just a premium app, but an essential tool in my daily workflow.

I’ve paid for the desktop version, and would happily pay an additional premium price for an iOS version with iCloud/CloudKit sync.

I’d even be happy to switch to a recurring subscription plan as fair way to support ongoing maintenance and support.


Hi Beet,

Your enthusiasm is infectious, but please try not to speak for those of us who don’t enjoy subscription plans.

If the Obsidian devs find a middle ground to get recurring income (such as via publish and sync), the app remaining free for files stored locally or by 3rd party cloud services seems like a great choice too.


I think it’s just opinion. Just like your opinion. Opinion won’t hurt you, since it doesn’t not coerce you. :v:

However, Silver already answered that it’ll be free.

Hi @beet , thank you so much for the support. We have the Obsidian Unlimited option in your account page, so you can donate multiple times for as much as you’d like.

We’ll keep the mobile app free, but if you appreciate it after trying it in the future, feel free to use the method mentioned above to support us.


Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

Do you have an information / picture about the app ? :smiley:


Any chance you would consider charging for Dropbox integration? Like how some apps have you pay for certain features (For example, a 4.99 one time payment for Dropbox functionality).