Any news of mobile

Hi, I’ve really enjoyed using Obsidian for a couple of months now but, I need it to work on my ipad so I can use it wherever I choose. I know you can use 3rd party markdown editors to hack this restriction, I’d rather not.
I heard what may be a rumour that when Obsidian Mobile is available, it could be for read only, and not editing. I don’t get why that would be the case and so this likely isn’t true, but it there actual news to share about mobile. Is it coming? When? What features will be etc.
I’ll be honest, it is likely a deal breaker for me and I am considering other options

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It actually seems like it’s right around the corner

There’s the trello roadmap, were the devs share what their plans are with many awesome features and plans.

It was in Long-term for a while, A couple of weeks ago I saw it in short-term, and now it’s super exciting to see it’s on "Working on"

Here’s the trello roadmap!

Just so you know the app seems like it will work with Obsidian Sync

In my opinion that’s an excellent way for Obsidian to keep growing finanacially and I’m excited for Obsidian’s future when the mobile app is released, I think it’s gonna be great!

Super excited for it!


There was a response in here, apparently it will be free if you want to manage your own sync . However I do recommend Obsidian Sync, it will make everyone’s life easier!


Thanks Santi.
I wonder what they mean by “mostly for viewing and capturing” and “Lightweight”
Do we have any idea about what will be missing?
Will a “Heavy weight” app, that fills in the gaps follow?

Sorry, lots of questions, that I expect no-one has answer to just yet.