Will Performance Be Impacted if I Install A Lot of Plugins but Only Enable a Few

What I’m trying to do

When I read about recommended Obsidian plugins, I install the plugins for future use. Most of the plugins are disabled. I have only just started creating notes. I have not noticed any performance issues. I just want to make sure my approach is not going to cause issues as my vault size increases.

Things I have tried


No, that shouldn’t affect it.

To clarify, plug-ins that are installed but not activated shouldn’t affect performance. Once you activate them they will have some effect (how much depends on which plugins and how they’re used).


Yeah, if the plugins aren’t activated and you restart Obsidian, they will be off.

The only “performance” hit I see is when checking for plugin updates under Settings > Community plugins:

  • My test vault with two plugins: 1 second
  • My main vault with ~40 plugins (not all enabled): 7 seconds
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