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For meeting notes I use frontmatter that contains ‘MeetingPerson:’ This can be one person but it could also be a meeting with multiple people.
I can easily create the dataview query for one person but if I have a meeting with multiple people, Im unsure how to use the wildcard to visualise the note using Dataview
For example : MeetingPerson: Jan, Tom, Jake, Jess → How can I make a dataview query only to pick out Tom ? I dont seem to be able to use asterisks for wildcards

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

  1. First you need to adopt one of the two syntaxes for multiple values in frontmatter field:
    a) MeetingPerson: [Jan, Tom, Jake, Jess]
  - Jan
  - Tom
  - Jake
  - Jess

*(attention: need two spaces before “-”)

  1. About the dataview query, depends what you want. For example, a list of meetings where Tom participated:
WHERE contains(MeetingPerson, "Tom")

Works ! many thanks !

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