Wikipedia-Style Redirect

It would be awesome to have a plugin which looks into the Frontmatter for „redirect: „[[Note]]“ and opens it right away (without even displaying the first note for longer than it takes to open the new one).

This was also mentioned here as an alternative to Alias: Aliases for note names - #28 by

Additionally, the plugin should display on the redirected note from where it was redirected from. (Like in Wikipedia).

What do you guys think? Is this even possible or „compatible“ with the obsidian-way of managing notes?


I’d love this to use as a way of setting the homepage for my hosted obsidian vault export, or even for setting the index page for each folder like proposed here, assuming I don’t always want to call the index page

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well thats for exported vaults. what I mean is having a redirect right in obsidian itself.

so for example

  1. I have a note
  2. but I actually want to open,
    • so I keep the link in all notes ([[PC]]) but
      • add a link inside of redirecting to

Does this make sense? Am I missing something? :smiley:

Have you looked at Redirect plugin yet?

Thank you for the suggestion! It looks very interesting, but the focus is on files/images only from what I can see. There is a very similar piling out there which’s name I forgot.

This is what I want, but of course a simplified version :sweat_smile: Help:Redirects - MediaWiki

I also just thought about this and what is the main reason I’d love to have this:

  • I have a lot of acronyms. for every acronym I have a note with actual spelling.
  • What I would like to have: it should not matter whether I link to [[lol]] or [[laughing out loud]]
    • I dont want to use [[laughing out loud|lol]] (or the other way around)
  • this is important for backlinks: all links/backlinks should be on one note and not splitted on two!

I actually was hoping that I could simply use alias when I started with obsidian. But alias cant be used for linking.
For example if I have note with the alias: Luna.
It would have been so simple to simply link with [[Luna]] to But instead I have to write [[Moond|Luna]], which isn’t optimal.

for this there is already a solution in the form of plugin Auto Linker aka Bare Alias Links by NothingIsLost:

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