Wikipedia "On this Day" type link (at least) or embed (ideal)

What I’m trying to do

Hi there, very new to Obsidian but loving the journey so far. I want to have a link (or embedded page) on my home page to key events, famous people commemorated on today’s date. So for example, I have pages for every day of the year (I haven’t created these yet so can be any format, but ideally something like Apr 5, Apr 6… etc).

On home page there would be a dynamic link that would go to the page that corresponded with today’s date. Any tips?


“On this day” Wikipedia

Things I have tried

(Note: this is a similar but not the same request but not the same as “On this day” for Daily Notes - Share & showcase - Obsidian Forum). I am not interested in seeing my own notes on a given day, but link to a specific note that is titled by date.

That’s a tight spot. The current best way (as far as I know) to work with dynamic dates is either via Templates or DataView. With Templates, you’re creating a new note every time, which is inconsistent with your static home page. With DataView, all the queries require full dates, years included, and I haven’t found a way to query files from a specific month or day where the year isn’t included in the filename.

Of course, if you’re comfortable with Wikipedia’s “On This Day” feature, you can certainly embed it as an iframe—although I haven’t figured out how to crop out the sidebars and such.

Dig it:

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If you set the Daily notes plugin to open Today’s note at startup, it would ensure that today’s daily note has been created. Perhaps you have a #daily tag in the daily note template. I haven’t tested it, but you might be able to add a query to your home note to only show the #daily notes created today by doing something like:

list from #daily where file.cday >= date(today)

I know I really should test this before posting, but thought that at least it may get you part of the way there.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your response. I was hoping to link to my own pages that are connected to content in my own notes rather than just Wikipedia, but it might be a good back up at least.

Thanks, could I create all those “daily” notes at once, changing the date in the meta data rather having to wait a whole year to create content for each day?

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Good idea. I don’t see why not.

If you did this you might create a field for each note named created either in YAML or doing something like:

created:: 2022-04-09

In this case, the dataview query in your home note might instead be:

list from #daily where created = date(today)

I hope it works for you.

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I’ll give this a go.

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What date format do you use for notes and what folder format for storage?


I don’t actually want Wikipedia’s on this day, but my own version.

For example, Dietrich Bonhoeffer died on this day (Apr 9) in 1945. I have notes connected to him.

I would love a link on my home page to connect to notes that might be related to key people or events on a given day.

I am fresh to obsidian so don’t yet have a set system for notes or folders. Open to suggestions. I have folders for general notes, one for books summaries and notes, one for key concepts/ideas, one for people.

Hi, just looking at sorting this out now. I haven’t been able to get anything that involves the date to work.

My current work around has been to add in YAML a {commemorated} key, with a value of MMM-DD. And a {day} key with value DD.

Then I have a dataview table on my home page:

TABLE day AS "Date"
from "People"
where contains(commemorated, "Apr")
SORT day asc

This will work where the numbers of people in my vault is small enough to have a handful each month. Then I can change the query each month. Clunky but works. Would be great to figure out a way to automate.

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