Wikilinks get lost in live-view if text before is hightlighted and replaced

Steps to reproduce

"highlight and delete this" [[This link will survive]]

"highlight and replace this" [[This link will survive]]

"highlight and replace this together with 'foo'" [[This link will die]]

Expected and actual result

All links should survive, but the last one dies, i.e. the wiki-brackets get lost.
Only happens in live-view, not in source-mode.
Only happens if there the replaced text includes some text in previous line(s).


  • Operating system: linux
  • Debug info: none in console

Additional information

Hope it’s clear from the example above. Otherwise I can provide screen-video.

I don’t understand. download and reinstall obsidian. post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault.

I don’t see this on iOS or Mac.

Here’s a screen recording in a new vault with Obsidian version (1.2.7) on Linux. It only happens in live-preview mode.
Sorry, for the last reply. (608.9 KB)

I am sorry. I can’t reproduce.

Also having this problem, v1.3.5 on Mac. In attached video, the links ‘perception is reality on the internet’ and ‘lies spread faster than the truth’ are gone after pressing backspace on highlighted text. (2.0 MB)

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I was able to reproduce this on iOS, using the example in the original post.

I pasted the text into a note and deleted the text in last example and saw the described behavior. The I used Undo and wasn’t able to reproduce the problem again.

After I while I pasted into a different note and was able to reproduce the problem repeatedly, even after using Undo.

This was in my normal vault with plugins etc. turned on. Reproduced repeatedly with Restricted More turned on (didn’t disable snippets).

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