Wikidata sidebar plugin similar to entity explosion

“Entity explosion” is a context-aware browser plugin which is uses the currently loaded page URL to execute a search on wikidata. If a matching wikidata item is found, then its details and a list of linked identifiers are displayed in a popup window. (More details and installation at: chrome web store, firefox addon listing, github repo and plugin writeup)

I’d like a similar plugin for Obsidian, where I could specify a persistent identifier in the frontmatter for a note and the plugin would use this value to execute a wikidata search and display a list of hyperlinked identifiers in a sidebar.

If anybody could suggest a useful starting point (a similar plugin that adds content to the sidebar) then I could try to implement it.

I’m tagging here @Thibaultmol (who proposed facilitating use of wikidata some time ago), in case they are still interested.
My background is in facilitating use of Obsidian as a system for taxonomic researchers to assemble data on species, publications and museum specimens etc.


I have a first version of this plugin available at: - I used the book search plugin by @anpigon as a basis