Wider note pane slider arrow field

Use case or problem

Problem: workflow interrupted by trying to get the mouse in the right spot to resize note panes. I use obsidian to take note’s in class and I have to lower my mouse’s DPI and carefully position it when resizing windows, which distracts me from what the Professor is saying for a few seconds. This happens several times per class.

Proposed solution

Expand the Pane-resizing arrow’s field just slightly; even just a few pixels might do the trick. Just enough so it’s effortless to find the spot but not enough to be triggered to easily on accident. perhaps to around the equivalent to 1mm on a 15 inch screen. It’s a small thing that I think would make a big difference in Obsidian’s ease of use.

Current workaround (optional)

None; when I have a moment I’ll probably poke around and figure out how to change it for myself.

Related feature requests (optional)