Why supercharged links css snippets does not work?

Hello people.

What I’m trying to do

I want to add multiple emojis before the file names which would depend on the “type” property for example. So a note with type: french and type:film (in the frontmatter) would look like this: [[:fr: :film_projector: Intouchables]]

Things I have tried

So I tried the supercharged links plugin, but it just adds one of the emojis. So I tried CSS snippets as it showed on the video and was written in the plugin’s Github page and I also searched for different variations in the internet and tried them, but at the end it just doesn’t work.
I made a custom CSS file with the name Links.css:

a.internal-link[data-link-type$="french" i]::before{
    content: "🇫🇷 "

a.internal-link[data-link-type$="film" i]::before{
    content: "📽️ "

do you have any idea what could i have missed or messed up?

When you set to the content to anything it’s set to that value, and it’ll continue to have that value until you set it to something else (or with a CSS selector of higher value). So using CSS you just can’t concatenate with a previous value.

You could theoretically define the combinations of various settings and that use CSS selectors manually combining suitable icons, but it’ll become very unwieldy very fast.

Another option if it’s just the two categories of icons you’re using, would be to set the flag using ::before and the type using ::after.

I’m not this is covering all the bases, but it might give you some food for thoughts.


how old was the video and github writeup?

because this plugin is working with the style settings plugin – > u set the emojis there once you set up the supercharged part

hope you sort it out