Why Obsidian mobile is disabled for iCloud when it is turned on in my settings?

In the past I can open the Obsidian Mobile but now I got that message:

You cannot access or create vaults in iCloud because it’s disabled for Obsidian.

I searched the Forum, but the solution given:

That error message only shows up when your iOS device has blocked Obsidian from using iCloud. You can change the setting from iOS’s system settings app > Your Apple ID > iCloud > Make sure that “iCloud Drive” and “Obsidian” are both turned on.

does not solve my issue as my settings are ok an everything is turned on.

Any other suggestion ?


Having the same issue for the last 2 days, I’m guessing the problem is due to an update on the App or a bug regarding the iOS version. Hope there is a fix soon, as all configurations on Mobile are right.

I’m running:
Obsidian Mobile Version 1.3.0
iOS Version 14.4

Looks like iCloud was the problem, it didn’t even load “iCloud Drive” from the Files App. Restarted my Device, everything is back to normal. Hope this gives solution to the issue :slight_smile:

Thank you (reading only today)
Actually I figured it out for myself. I did these two things:

  • I turned off my phone and turned it back on
  • I deleted some heavy files because my iPhone was almost full.
    I don’t know which of these actions had an impact but it’s ok, my Obsidian mobile is accessible again.

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