Why is Obsidian canvas laggy but e.g. Clover canvas smooth?

I’ve downloaded the Clover app to try, and I’ve noticed its Canvas is much smoother than what I have on my Obsidian.
I’m pretty Clover app it’s an electron app that just wraps up the browser of their website, although on the website it’s also as fast.

My Obsidian canvases in the standard vault I use are noticeably laggy and not smooth at all (I only have ~5 canvases and only 1 open at a time). I’ve tried disabling all installed plugins, it didn’t seem to improve the speed.
I’ve tried copy-pasting a canvas into Obsidian Sandbox, the same canvas does appear smoother there, although I don’t understand why, both vaults have plugins inactivated…

I think this is a huge issue for Obsidian moving forward, if the scrolling on Canvas isn’t smooth, it kills the enthusiasm to use the app a bit. I’m using a Macbook Pro 2018 (Intel CPU).

I’ve tried recording a video, comparing canvas in my standard vault (1), sandbox vault (2), and a quick Clover canvas example (3). I’m not sure how much the difference between (1) and (2) is visible in the video but in reality, the (2) feels much more responsive, as if there is less delay between the mouse pad finger move and the update of Canvas. The (3) is visibly very smooth in the video.
VIDEO file upload: https://file.io/OpKE79wRFJng

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