Why is my webpage not getting indexed?

What I’m trying to do

I have published my class notes and learnings from a graduate class here: Welcome - pagesweturned

Things I have tried

While I can share the links directly with people, I would ideally want the information to be available on Google Search. It only seems reasonable after spending as much for Publish and then getting a custom domain. I have tried with, and without a custom domain, and I have tried submitting the page on Google’s indexing service as well.

Am I doing something wrong?



Is anything in the post (and subsequent thread) below relevant in your case?

How long has your site been published?

EDIT: Google does at least show awareness of the homepage (but only the homepage). Neither Bing nor DukDuckGo return anything when fed the site address.

It has been published for a while (over a month). I did change the custom domain recently. But, before I added the custom domain, the site was not appearing on search at all - no matter the keywords I used.

But you are right! I posted this yesterday, and today I see the page appear in search!

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So the site is now being crawled and indexed? That’s great news.

Good luck with your work and site.