Why is downgrading Obsidian to a previous release not working for me?

Here’s what I see under About Obsidian
Version 1.1.16 (Installer 1.1.9)

What I’m trying to do

  • Downgrade to fix a plugin issue to 1.1.9

Things I have tried

  • Deleted the old version in applications (Mac)


Have you turned auto-updates off?

Good thought but yes it’s turned off

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I’ve seen it posted that you might need to remove Obsidian from the library via deleting: /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/obsidian

Do you know if that’s correct, or will I lose things I don’t intend to?

Only move ~/Library/Application Support/obsidian/obsidian-1.1.x.asar if you want to downgrade.

The other files/folders are important (indexes, your file snapshots, etc).

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I see, thank you! Should I delete and replace it, or will it update itself once removed? (If I need to replace it, I’m not sure how to find the 1.1.9.asar file to take its place)

Just move it and restart. You can delete it later.

When you decide to update next time, in Obsidian, check for updates and a new asar will be created.

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