Why I can't log in my account in Obsidian PC

Things I have tried

Recently, I tried to log in my account on Obsidian PC. You can see the picture showing the “failed logging in”.

However, I can log in to the Community of the obsidian website in my browser. Besides, I can also look at the plugins market using my VPN(Notice: without VPN, I cannot assess the plugins market in China.). So I think it’s weird.
Hope someone can help me. Thanks.

This Discourse forum and your Obsidian account are completely different accounts.

Are you potentially using the wrong username/password?

I don’t think this is obvious at all, considering that:

  • The two reside on the same primary domain
  • The Catalyst plan on the main Obsidian account offers “community badges” which I presume appear on this forum, so it is implied that the two accounts are either the same or somehow linked

I do agree with your general idea, but not really with your specific points. I am aware there has been confusion between the forum, Obsidian accounts, and even vault Sync passwords. They are all separate, and not everyone realizes that. The messaging could likely be improved.

Do you have any specific suggestions for making things more obvious? Changing the domain of the forum is not an option. forum.obsidian.md and obsidian.md are not the same.

I don’t personally agree that the community badges implies they are linked. In my perspective, it implies they are separate. You sign up for Catalyst, and this other thing - the community accounts - get a badge. It applies to the Discord chat badge as well, but that doesn’t imply that your Discord account is linked to Obsidian. (This is just my perspective. Maybe you have the better perspective if it’s causing confusion to users.)

This isn’t about the forum, but I just opened an issue about the way that Obsidian Sync help messaging is phrased: Obsidian Sync instructions should clearly state that a password is unique to the vault · Issue #342 · obsidianmd/obsidian-docs · GitHub

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The reason I think the community badges imply a connection between the accounts is that it’s reasonable to assume that the badges are given automatically, which is only possible if there is a connection.

Side-note: When I signed up for my obsidian.md account just now, I did not enter any info that could clearly link it to my existing forum.obsidian.md account. So my current assumption is that badges are either given manually, or during the Catalyst sign-up user journey, or via some unsafe logic such as matching email addresses. The point is that the mechanism is not clear from the outside, so I make assumptions.

Specific suggestions

Inform users

  1. Create a single page that clearly lists all the various Obsidian accounts, what they’re for, how they relate to each other and how they don’t

  2. Point users to this page from each login/registration screen as a non-intrusive About Obsidian account types link

  3. Extend login error messages with

    Are you using the right type of Obsidian account?

    and repeat the About Obsidian account types link

Unify accounts

Ideal strategic solution, but I am assuming it’s not feasible for the moment.

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Nice, thanks for the suggestions!

It’s not automatic, you’re right that it’s in the Catalyst journey. Once you’ve purchased the Catalyst license, you see these options on the website:

Clicking Discord, for example opens up your logged in account in Discord to authorize Obsidian to make the change to your banner. And these perks are optional. I’ve never gotten my Discord badge.

I’m not a dev, but I’m going to say this with absolute confidence: the accounts are not going to be unified. There is no prerequisite to having an Obsidian account to participate in the Discourse forum. There is no reason to have a forum account to use Obsidian services. They are completely separate things.

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