Why HTML language and Obsidian language cant work together?

Things I have tried

I created a few notes and started working with them. I know some html, so i did this:
  • [[mynote]]. And then, link, which in [[]] stopped working. I put tag "li" in there.

    What I’m trying to do

    So, why cant i use it like this?
  • You can mix and match some HTML with some Markdown.

    What exactly did you try? Please include the raw text here in a code fence.

    As i wrote in the text above i tried to make a list (in HTML we use tag"li".) And then i wrote internal link (my note). So i tried to do the list of several links. Link is not working, when it’s in list, somewhy.
    The code looks like this:

    <li> [[mynote]]

    Text transforms here. There is just li in <>

    You can use code fencing to prevent HTML and markdown from rendering.

    Markdown within inline HTML tags (e.g., <span>, <strong>) is supported in Obsidian’s reading mode, but not in live preview. However, <li> is not an inline HTML tag, so it won’t work either way.


    I’m very new to Obsidian, so I’m not exactly sure how it interprets the mix of MD/HTML to display.

    As far as I can tell, only complete HTML tags will work, i.e. a single tag that includes the close /, such as the forced line break tag, <br />. This is not the case with a list-item tag.

    Listed items would normally need to be defined firstly as a list-type, then include the list-item(s), i.e. <ul><li>listed item</li></ul> complete with closing tags — however Obsidian MD allows use of only the list-item tag <li> without the list-type being declared, BUT it must be closed for each item listed, ie. </li>.

    Having said all that, Obsidian doesn’t allow me to use a MD hyperlink inside the list-item tags — and I’ve yet to discover what the workaround is other than using an HTML hyperlink.

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    To use an HTML hyperlink inside the list-item tags (inline) — use the anchor tag, like this: <a href="source-to-link">click here</a>

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