Why file in ClipboardEvent is not an 'instanceof File' for notes "Opened in new window"?


There is something I’m struggling to understand. Consider the following minimal plugin code:

import { Plugin } from 'obsidian'

export default class MyPlugin extends Plugin {
  onload() {
      this.app.workspace.on('editor-paste', (evt: ClipboardEvent) => {
        const { files } = evt.clipboardData
        console.log('Is it a `File` in your clipboard?: ' + (files[0] instanceof File)) // <--- 'false' for notes "Opened in new window"


Copy something to your clipboard and try to paste it to your note. You will get an expected true unless you “Open in new window” your note. In a separate window you will get false, and I can not understand what is the difference. I console.log prototypes of the file in a normal window and “new window”, try to compare them, but do not see any difference. Both refer to some File() function which is a native code (which is expected)

This actually causes a bug in my plugin, because clipboard files which get pasted to a note in a “new window” do not pass the check for File.

What’s wrong with this “new window” or my understanding of instanceof?

It seems like the note opened in a “new window” is a separate V8 instance, which has it’s own copy of all prototypes, c-tors etc.

  • On the screenshot I try to paste an image to the main Obsidian window first to populate holderVar.
  • Then I clear the console and do one more paste in the main window.
    • The “Is c-tor same as the previous one” replies true, which is expected.
  • Then I open the same note in a “new window” and try to paste image from clipboard again.
    • It will always say that the content of your clipboard is not a File or Blob (which is not expected)
    • and the comparison of Blob c-tor in prototype chain with the one from the main windows (stored in holderVar) will reply false too (not expected too)
    • also notice that the console of the “new window” is empty, everything gets printed to the console of the main Obsidian window

How am I supposed to work with “new windows”? Should I change my file instanceof File to file.constructor.name === 'File' or is it a problem of Obsidian’s "new window"s?

We attach the current window to the evt for this reason. You should be able to do something like this:

let FileCls = evt.win.File;
if (files[0] instanceof FileCls) { ... }

The API provides an .instanceOf function for nodes and Events which abstracts the multi-window logic a bit, but that won’t work for File specifically.

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