Why don't bullets work for all my dashes?

I am new to Obsidian so I am likely screwing something up. I get this issue fairly often where the dash preceding a line doesn’t show up as a bullet - it shows as a dash. But others will. I am using v0.9.6. I have tried this in base mode (without a custom CSS) and the problem is still there. The picture is attached.

I searched the forum but didn’t see this problem elsewhere. I want to add in the css code from death.au to get bullets with relation lines but I have to fix the bullet issue first. Below are the screencaps in edit mode and then in preview mode. Note that the first two lines with dashes remain as dashes in preview.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I believe that’s because of indentation.

    - test1
    - test2

not the same as

- Test
    - test1
    - test2

That’s how Markdown works

You can check it here


Thank you for your reply. To me, both of your examples look identical. If I add a dash to my first Test as below, then all dashed become bullets. I would like to make an indented bullet list below a non-bulleted statement (so I can fold it). As soon as I indent (with the tab key) the bullets become dashes. It will be something to do with R-Markdown but I can’t figure out what it is. I’ll keep working on it.


When you add a dash to your first test it becomes a parent checkbox lines below with dashes with indent are child checkbox.

When you have no dash at your first test line it’s just a text. So it’s not a parent checkbox. Lines below are still child checkboxes but they have no parent. So it’s checkbox behavior are not work.

It could be a code block because of indentation (4 spaces or tab) but it needs an empty line before the content.

The only point here what it’s not a problem with an app. That’s a default Markdown behavior and developers can’t do anything with it (only if they can change Markdown specs somehow).


Many thanks. I will go back to basics and systematically try different scenarios until I get more familiar with it. Your comments about checkboxes are helpful in thinking through it. Much appreciated!

@mrjackphil Thank you again for your help. I was able to resolve my problem.