Why does my LAtex text changes when i switch to reading mode?

What I’m trying to do

Write Mathe equations along with taxt in LaTex

Things I have tried

Asking google

$$ {x|E(x)}\to Menge \ aller \ x \ für \ die \ gilt \ :E(x)$$ would be an example which is displayed as: {x|E(x)} → Menge aller x für die gilt :E(x) in the edit mode but in reading mode, the text part crashes to gibberish

It works in my reading mode.

Show your device info (Windows, Mac, Android etc.)
Did you try to disable all plugins?


Use \text{} or \textrm{}

A tip for future forum posts: when you paste or write text examples, mark them as code to be sure we see exactly what you’re seeing.

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