Why does my code block become pure text and not highlight anymore?

Since I updated my obsidian to 0.13.23, I found my code block lost its colors and became a pure text block in editing mode. But I was able to see its colors before, even in editing mode. View mode works well now.

Before pic1

After pic2

Things I have tried

I have tried to use live preview mode, but it doesn’t work, it still looks like pic2. Could anyone help me? Thanks ahead!

Do you see the same error in the help vault?

What installer version are you using? (Settings → About → ‘Installer version’ appears under ‘Current version’)


I think …I didn’t find the error in the help vault.
The installer version is v0.12.19~It also worked well at this version。

Thank you I have solved it~~I

Apologies that I didn’t reply earlier. I was with friends.

Good to hear you found a solution. What was it?


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