Why does indenting cause the bullet to become monospaced?

I’m trying to figure out how to use the folding lists, and finally figured out that it only works when an item is indented. But when I indent an item, it becomes monospaced. But I want the text to remain the same format. Is this normal? How do I fix this?

edit: ok, so if you remove the line break/spacing (I’m not sure which one it is) between the parent item and the child, this fixes it. But when the parent item is formatted, for example, as a heading with “###” the monospace returns. Also, if the parent is bolded, all child items are bolded also. What is this strange behavior? What am I missing? It seems to me these types of issues are showing up throughout using obsidian. I understand it’s still in beta, but I’m a little bit stunned at how many people seem to love this. It’s practically a nightmare right now, from my first impressions. This thing really needs a WYSIWYG editor or something. Really love some of the features behind this software and would love to learn how to use it properly, but I’m struggling with finding out how to do very basic things here.

edit 2: so the plugin “Markdown Formatting Assistant” was helpful in making a proper folding list without the dreadful monospaced formatting. I’m unsure of why this is the case, but it’s a solution that works for now.

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Does it still happen when you turn off all third-party plugins and custom CSS? I have not had the same issue, so this may be worth trying. :smiley:

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A screenshot of the file in question would be helpful. If I were to guess, you are likely indenting in such a way that it’s interpreted as a code block according to markdown syntax.

Thank you, disabling different plugins seems to have solved it. I found out that the reason was a plugin I installed when I first started up obsidian that I thought might help improve the editing process, but now that I search it looks to be intended for programmers. The plugin is Prettier Format - Opinionated formatting for your notes.