Why does embedding an image create a copy in my folder?

I’m glad to discover that I can embed an image just by dragging and dropping an image from the folder in Finder.

However, doing this creates a copy. Eg. if I drag and drop ‘Image.png’, a moment later I also have ‘Image 1.png’

Does anyone know why and whether I can avoid it?

Doesn’t - in Markdown - an image reference have to point to a real file? Whether on the web or on disk? It seems natural to me that there would need to be a copy on drag and the image reference point to that copy.

If you just want to create a link without making a copy, hold Ctrl - have a look here.

Thank you very much

A moment later. That sounds to me like you might have some kind of a syncing issue. Is this in a folder that is synced with some syncing service?

If one of the above answers solved the problem, cool. But I suspect there may be something else going on.

By default, when you drag, you should have:

  1. your original image in your original folder, and
  2. the new attached image in your attachments folder.

But it sounds like you are saying you end up with 3 images:

  1. Your original image
  2. your new attachment, and
  3. a new copy of the attachment with a different name.

Is that right? Because that would mean you still have a strange issue happening.

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