Why Do People Use Note-Taking Apps Like Obsidian for Everything Under the Sun?

Interesting question. I used to sell very expensive entreprise software for designing silicon chips and there was always a tension between folks who wanted integrated software (they talked about “frameworks”) and those who wanted “best of breed” tools and didn’t mind the pain of hopping between them.

The fact is that there is an advantage in having everything in one place (like David Allen suggests in Getting Things Done). If you can live with say an Outliner plugin that is 70% as good as Workflowy, a Kanban plugin that is 70% as good as Trello, a Canvas plugin that is 70% as good as purpose-built mindmapping tool, or Miro… etc then go for it!

But if you want “best of breed” you will have to do a bit of cut & pasting, importing and exporting to get what you want.