Why do community plugins and styles not reload from vault synced with Obsidian?

I’m not sure the title encompasses the entire issue, but here is the problem:

Occasionally, Linux Mint freezes and a hard reboot (where Obsidian is in startup app) opens only the most recent vault used. I use Obsidian sync, not any cloud services.

When that last-used vault opens, I automatically try to open the other from the menu in obsidian. But it is no longer there in the list.

New at this, but my procedure is to once again “create” it from the Sync Vault and each time, I have to go back in and install all the community plug ins and make it look (appearance) like it did before. And since I don’t always remember the names, I have to go to some other computer where the vault is open and check there.

This seems like a lot of trouble since the main purpose of paying for Obsidian Sync is to be able to get my vault back “as it was” before the crash.

Can anyone explain why this happens and what I need to do to prevent having to go through these steps every time the vault disappears from the list? And maybe explain “why” it disappears in the first place?

I always try to open the vault from sync, not locally stored folder on my computer. Is this the problem?


Your files have to be stored locally on your computer, all that Obsidian Sync does it download these files onto your system.

Something else on your system is probably removing the local vault files, or the crash is corrupting the file that stores the list of vaults.

When this happens the next time, before using Obsidian, check the location where you store your local vault, and see if the files are there.

As for plugins and appearance settings not syncing, have you enabled the respective settings on all the devices?
And please note that it takes a restart of Obsidian to be able to see the newly enabled plugins/settings.

Probably this, as the vault folders are still on my hard drive.

As stated, I always Open Vault from Obsidian Sync rather than Folder as Vault, as my understanding is this would be the latest synced vault. I guess I thought Obsidian Sync actually stores it on their cloud and when using that method to open, it is not opening from my local copy.

Today after rebooting and this happened, I once again opened from Sync, created, etc. and all my plugins and appearance settings are gone. Not sure how that works, but I did remove the vault from the list and open from folder on my local drive gave me the exact same thing; not sure if using Sync to create actually overwrites what was on my local drive or if that data is no longer present in the local drive after the crash/reboot.

I looked now and see the vault config under sync has those items for plugins to sync as well as themes. I guess I assumed “everything” was synced.

So I guess my question now is:

Is there anyway to get my vault back as it was before crash? Or do I have no choice but to set everything up again and then make sure all those items sync?

And in the future, do I still open from sync or local folder as vault?


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