Why can't we use Google Drive to sync on iOS?


I would like to ask, and see added the ability to use other providers (for example Google drive) as a vault directory. Currently, you can only use iCloud, but that experience is horrendous. Now I understand the integration between Mac and iPad is apparently flawless. But I (and most likely a lot of other people) have a Windows 10 machine and the sync is awful. I downloaded an older version of iCloud for Windows 7/8 as it worked better, but I still got document rewrites and weird glitches and duplicates despite this.

I now also have a new android phone that can run Obsidian so once again, I can use any online storage option except for iCloud there, while on my iPad I am just locked to the one and only option, iCloud (I could also buy the Obsidian Sync but as a student, it’s not that affordable and it would be much better to just be able to sync it normally than having to pay).

I read in the Obsidian documentation that it’s currently not possible to use other providers as it would take quite some time to implement, but great changes came in with the latest update, love them, so I think maybe now it could be time to once more focus on synchronization between different devices for allowing us to have the ultimate tool.

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Google Drive and most other sync services are not possible on iOS. These providers fail or refuse to implement iOS’s File Provider APIs which are necessary to allow Obsidian to use them for sync.

More here: Sync your notes across devices - Obsidian Help


Hey @Sves100 I was also facing a similar issue. If you have exposure to a bit of programming, I guess this should help to ease the horrendous experience. May not be the best implementation but should get the job done.

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