Why can't I enter a code block with backticks properly? :(


I used to be able to use three ticks to make blocks no problem,. I upgraded to 1.0.3 on Windows 11 and now all I am getting an insanely frustrating experience. Pleasee see the video for what is going on.

Pleasee see how the word “python” is cut in half at the top.

I normally put three ticks then type python as the code type. I then paste the code below. Finally I would use three ticks to finalize the block, but that does not work, let alone I cant even create a usable block.


No clue, My Mac/Linux side wants to blame it on Windows :slight_smile:

FWIW I do pretty much what you describe: three backticks, type in the code type (in my case it can be Python, SQL or Java) then paste from my clipboard the code I want. I do note that Obsidian automatically finished the code block for me so to get out I don’t enter in the ending 3 backticks but instead just click outside or move to another note.

I’ve never seen the partial PYTHON word or anything like it.

Maybe take a look at the theme you are using and see if there si sosme sort of defined font size or something in it that’s interfering?

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Any change if you choose to paste as plain text?

Our what if you just copy the text without the ticks in front, what does it show then?

And finally, what happens if you use either three (or more) tilde’s, ~~~, or at least four backticks, ````? (These are legal code block fences, and I use them all the time here in the forums, or whenever my code has three backticks in them)

My guess is you have an old installer. Download and reinstall Obsidian.

Or paste your “Show debug info” here.

Sorry, if this is a little on the side, but I’ve been wondering on this piece of advice. I get that we should have the last version of Obsidian installed, but do you know why the installer have to be the latest version?

Shouldn’t the installer just install Obsidian, and then be “forgotten”? Why does it affect when running the Obsidian?

PS! I don’t question that it affects, I’m more wondering why/how it affects the running of Obsidian

It’s in the release notes:

You don’t need the latest installer installed.

Somewhere around version 0.15.8 or 0.15.9, the foundational components of CodeMirror (I think) were updated. And Obsidian can’t replace all of those components in the way it does auto-updating. Some of those components could only be updated via the installer. The release notes said it would be necessary at that point to re-download.

After that update, there is now a built-in warning that says if your installer is out of date. But that ironically (I think) was also one of the components that couldn’t be auto-updated, so some out-of-date users aren’t getting that message.

This isn’t a common thing. The auto-updater is fine for a long time. As long as you have 0.15.9 you should be fine, for now. Maybe until CodeMirror 7 comes out? But I don’t know the exact details.


To expand slightly on rigamarole’s explanation, Obsidian is an Electron app, meaning it’s sort of a web app that runs in it’s own browser, which it can’t update. Codemirror is a text editor component for websites that is an important part of Obsidian.

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