Why aren't spellcheck exceptions / dictionary words stored in the vault?

On MacOS the dictionary is stored outside of your vaults in ~/Library/Application Support/obsidian/Custom Dictionary.txt. If I use my vault on different devices, I have to add exceptions on each device, right clicking red underlined words and selecting “ignore”. It adds up to lots of words.

A workaround could be to store Custom Dictionary.txt in your vault and hardlink it to ~/Library/Application Support/obsidian/, and your other vaults, to synchronize it across all vaults and across devices (you would need to symlink on those devices too). (A hardlink is like a symlink but it’s treat as an actual file instead).


Good point! Love Obsidian, but the spell checker is the worst I’ve used. Needs an overhaul. I’m surprised it’s not a core plugin, so we might have options to replace it.

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